Invite a friend on BeMyEye gives you the opportunity to have people you know experience this service. To thank you, we offer to you and to the friend you sponsor €3.00 on the condition that they complete a mission in store before the 23/06/23 01:00.

People you may sponsor

Only new users can be invited - if your friend already has a BeMyEye account, none of you will benefit from this offer.

Also, you can only invite people that live in the same country as you.

End of the offer

If the people you sponsor do their first mission after the 23/06/23 01:00, both of you will only receive €1.00.

NB: we will consider reservation date as the date the referee completed the mission.

Vincenzo Stefanini gives you a €3.00 BeMyEye bonus!

Earn a €3.00 bonus by completing your 1st mission in store completed before the 23/06/23 01:00: just type the code jeyk1l when you subscribe.
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